Hi folks!  Just a super-quick note: in the last week, I’ve updated most of my old samples (it should be everything except for the one from my PDC talk – that one is a fair amount more work due to breaking changes in RIA Services since the Silverlight 4 Beta) that were build on the Silverlight 4 Beta and RC.

In addition, if you are commenting on a post here and need to post some code (in particular XAML), take note that my commenting system automatically strips out XML tags, so XAML’s a no-go.  I’ve just added a plugin for my blog that allows you to use a “[code][/code]” tag to mark a section of your comment as code, and it will be monospace-formatted with XML tags converted for display.  Hopefully this will clear up some issues people have had with commenting in the past!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!