David Eitan Poll is a Software Engineer at Google in the Bay Area, California.

David is a geek, and it shows. He first became interested in framework development working for Microsoft’s Silverlight team, where he gained a healthy appreciation for the nuances of building software for other developers to consume. After working on Google’s Chrome team, David found his way to Parse, bringing him right back to the developer-facing world he had grown to love.

In addition to David’s work for the tech giants, David has found ways to combine mobile development with his hobbies, building a few successful apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone that serve the a cappella and barbershop singing communities. His app development ultimately led him to Parse, and once he saw what they were up to, he had to become involved. In May, 2013, Parse was acquired by Facebook, and David continued his pursuit of great developer experiences as his work on Parse progressed therein. After leaving Parse, David worked on a startup building an identity provider for developers looking for alternative login solutions. Though the startup didn’t find traction, David’s love for developers never waned, and he joined the Firebase team at Google in 2015 to continue building tools that make developers’ lives easier. These days, David works on the Google Cloud SDKs, leading engineers to build great developer experiences to bring all of Google Cloud to developers.

David is a Siebel Scholar and graduate with high honors from UC Berkeley, holding a B.A. and an M.Sc. in Computer Science.

David’s other hobbies include Barbershop harmony (he sings with Voices in Harmony and his quartet: Some Friends of Mine), puns and wordplay, and learning about/discussing the issues of the day.

You can follow David on Twitter: @depoll

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