• Update: Displaying background activity in a Silverlight RIA application

    Well, it’s been a while since I first posted on this, but the feedback was incredible, and I got some great suggestions.  As a result, I’ve updated the Activity control and (finally) have a running sample on the web!  The fundamental idea of the control has remained the same, as well as the mechanisms by which it can work.  It’s still a prototype, but a very useful one at that!

  • Playing around with Silverlight 3… a late Easter Egg hunt – Revealed!

    About a week and a half ago I issued a challenge to folks to figure out what the Silverlight 3 application below does.  I dropped a few hints, but nobody guessed it!  I had hoped for a few more guesses, but c’est la vie, I suppose.  In the meantime, I should fulfill my end of the bargain and reveal the secrets of my mystery application, and some of the things I learned while putting it together.

  • Logging Navigation in the Silverlight 3 Beta

    I’ve been playing around recently with my webserver – I recently switched from a hosted ASP.NET service to a virtual dedicated server, so I’m getting a chance to play with having full control over my server for the first time.  I spent some time setting up logging and statistics on the server using IIS’s logging feature and some 3rd party log-crunching software.  Having that logging data is invaluable – among other things, it helps me know which pages folks are interested in and gives me insight into whether it’s too hard to reach certain sections of my page.  With the addition of navigation controls in the Silverlight 3 Beta SDK, having a logging solution that cooperates with my web server seems only prudent!

  • Playing around with Silverlight 3… a late Easter Egg hunt.

    Ok, I admit it – I can be a little bit silly sometimes.  I saw some entertaining articles on some popular tech websites today (e.g. and was inspired.  Inspired, that is, to do something a little less… useful.  So, I quickly coded up a little Silverlight 3 application using Blend 3 Preview, Visual Studio, and a little too much time to myself.

  • Displaying background activity in a Silverlight RIA application

    Well, I told you there would be exciting news at MIX!  After months of working on Silverlight 3 Beta 1, it’s finally available for you to try!  Also coming live for MIX is the “.NET RIA Services” March 2009 Preview, which will assist in building multi-tiered applications and provides end-to-end support for things like data validation, authentication, and roles, as well as data access.

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